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Intermittent Fasting with Martin Berkhan-The Follow Up



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January 12th, 2008

Leigh Peele



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  1. JC


    what an awesome update!

  2. StabMe

  3. Missy

    I agree that eating makes me want to eat more. If I don’t eat in the morning, I don’t really get hungry until afternoon, but if I eat breakfast, I want more an hour later!! I also LOVE that his plan for women includes most carbs from fruits, since I love fruit – right now my perfect meal is fresh pineapple and f.f. cottage cheese!

  4. I only just found this post.I have been using I.F myself to reduce body fat, and I have found it the easiest thing I have done. I am now in my 9th week. I started with fasting one or two days per week,and now,as I get more comfortable with it,I have started to play around with it to find what suits me best. I think the flexibility is one of the main advantages of Intermittent Fasting. I would agree with Martin, that not eating takes away the constant thought of food. I have tried the 5 or 6 small meals a day way of eating, and food became an obsession.In 8 weeks I have lost 26lbs and 12% body fat ( I was at 32% bf) so for me I.F is certainly a hit. Longer term I think, as Martin says I will further need to improve food intake, but currently I continue to lose weight at a steady rate. I think the most important factor for me has been at no time following this plan have I felt deprived or suffered cravings for a particular food, as I have in the past when a type of food is restricted.

  5. Elryn

    I can’t tell the diference between the second set of pictures! In the “before” one he’s all hunched over, sticking his belly out as far as it will go … and in the “after” picture he’s posing with his arms up and tensed and sucking in his belly!! I’m not disputing the uses of IF or the awesomeness of the interview, but are the pics supposed to be illustrating somethin that I’m missing?

  6. Robert

    I am on my second week of IF. I feel great. The problem is sometimes I have to workout out first thing in the morning do to Childrens schedules. I eat a 44P30C Protein shake that is 300 calories. I count these calories toward my daily total. Does anyone think that this recovery drink eaten around 8am and then breaking fast at 5 or 6pm messes the diet up? I don’t eat anything after 10pm.

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