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Top Five Myths About Chiropractic

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Top Five Myths About Chiropractic

You have heard numerous stories about chiropractors. Some have brought positive changes in one’s life, yet many others are there who might not be encouraging. 

You might be sceptical due to the bad experience you had while consulting a chiropractor in Penhurst. You might want to consider some Penhurst based podiatrist, as a friend told you out of her experience that she does not believe in chiropractic.

Whatever the case is, we aim to share the most common chiropractic myths and offer you the real facts.

  • Chiropractors break your bones!

Spinal adjustment or Manipulative therapy is a manual and non-invasive treatment done by a highly skilled chiropractor in Penhurst to heal joint pain and correct the spine. The main goal is to bring back the range of motion, decrease muscle tightness and pain, and improve function. You might hear some sound during the manipulative treatment due to the slight opening of the joint space and release of the gas formed within that space.

  • Chiropractic treatment should continue forever

Chiropractors always provide evidence-based treatment depending upon the specific diagnosis. Once your particular problem has been resolved, your treatment ends there. However, if you have a long-standing condition, the doctor might suggest routine chiropractic care. But the choice is always your deepening on your personal healthcare plans. 

  • Any chiropractic adjustment is painful

The majority of the patients are out of pain, experience relief, get more energy, and more relaxed after the treatment. However, on some occasions, you might experience little discomfort that is almost similar to muscle cramp after vigorous exercise. You will start feeling a sense of ease once your body adapts to the after-effects of the treatment. 

  • Chiropractors only treat back pain

Chiropractors are expertly trained professionals who heal joint functions in all the joints of the body. Therefore, any imbalance of the feet joints can cause kinetic chain dysfunction and lead to chronic headaches. A chiropractor, just like a Penhurst based podiatrist, focuses on maintaining the joint movement and keeps the spine and rest of your body fit. Chiropractors offer relief for back and neck pain, sport and work injuries, headaches as well as pregnancy pains. 

  • There is no scientific proof that chiropractic works

Over the past few years, there have been numerous studies that describe the validity of chiropractic care. Studies have proved the positive benefits of increased immune and brain function. Moreover, it is also known to improve the general wellbeing of millions of people throughout the world. You can find many of these studies in the ICL and on the American chiropractic website. 

Bottom line

Another common myth we have heard about chiropractic is that the treatment is too expensive. However, the truth is that if you follow the chiropractic treatment, that will not create a hole in your pocket. Chiropractic is all about offering you quality treatment within your budget. 

So, the choice is yours, whether you will take our words or continue believing the myths. However, the myths will not cease your pain, but chiropractic care will.

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