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Wearing Is Caring: Here is Why You Should Buy an Antiviral Mask

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Wearing Is Caring: Here is Why You Should Buy an Antiviral Mask

Face masks have become a symbol of the Coronavirus pandemic that the world will remember for long. It is used to describe the tiny, invisible Coronavirus which is prevalent almost everywhere as a foe to the humankind. While some people opt for anti virus masks made at home, others can be found with scarves wrapped around their faces. Colorful, designer masks with creative hooks are also available that can be placed around the ears. In between all this, many people either do not know or have forgotten the true purpose of wearing a mask. 

Since the governments have started to ease the lockdown, people are coming out in the open but with a wrong mask. The fact is many people do not know that a mask can help prevent the spread of novel Coronavirus. Alongside, there is a constant debate about whether individuals always need to wear masks or only when visiting some specific places. 

Some facts related to the adoption of masks as a part of lifestyle are:

  • In some regions, there is vocal refusal over wearing masks of any kind, be it anti virus mask or others
  • The UK has the lowest adoption rate, at just 36%
  • In some countries like the United States, wearing or not wearing a face mask has taken a political side
  • In the initial days, some governments also warned the public against wearing face masks to maintain the supply for frontline health workers

All such things have created a sense of confusion amongst people, not allowing them to wear the right type of mask for safety purpose. To understand why anti virus masks is a better choice, it is crucial to know how Coronavirus spreads. 

How Do Viruses Causing COVID-19 Disease Spread?

Once an individual contract this disease, SARS-CoV-2 virus – the cause behind it reaches body cells to replicate itself. The new virus then stay in the bodily fluids existing in the nose, mouth, and lungs. If that individual coughs, speaks, or sneezes, showers of aerosols filled with the virus reaches the air. Depending on the size of these aerosols – which can be large or small, they either settle on the surfaces nearby or stay suspended in the air for some time.

A single cough can create around 3,000 such droplets, which makes it crucial for both the infected as well as the non-infected people to wear a good quality anti virus mask. 

How Does An Anti Virus Mask Work?

A good quality face mask, particularly anti virus mask, help in reducing the transmission of Coronavirus, particularly in public places. It helps reduce the number of infected aerosols escaping through the breath or cough of infected people considerably. 

You should know that nanotechnology also plays a vital role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.  Reliable masks such as Airific from Nirvana Being has been designed using electrospun nanotech filter to capture Coronavirus, which is of the size of a few nanometres. It has been specifically designed to deal with the current pandemic times. Also, it is a globally certified anti virus mask having a 96% viral filtration efficiency. It is breathable and reusable for up to 200 hours usage in conditions having 300 Air Quality Index (AQI). 

Hence, you are advised to check the quality and viral filtration efficiency of a mask at the time of buying it for yourself and loved ones. 

Adopt to the New Normal with Airific Masks

Now that the lockdown restrictions are gradually being relaxed in India, people are allowed to go out for work and other needs. The risk of contracting this disease persists. The best way to prevent contracting COVID-19 disease is to follow the recommended safety measures, one of which is wearing good quality masks.

When it is about buying anti virus masks, Airific by Nirvana Being is the name you can trust. It is highly suitable for regular wear and does not cause any breathing discomfort. 

While ensuring your safety, you can also make others aware of choosing the right type of masks.

Stay safe and plan to live in a better world free from this virus.

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