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Cleanser to Give you your Dream Skin (Oily Skin Edition)

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Cleanser to Give you your Dream Skin (Oily Skin Edition)

Our skin is dotted with a millions of sebaceous glands all over which produces an oily substance called sebum naturally. Sebum is essential for our skin to stay healthy. When there is a balanced sebum secretion in our body, it keeps our skin moisturized from its oils, hydrated by keeping the water loss from our skin in check and also protects it from microbial invasion. However, the problems start to creep up when these friendly little gland start producing excess sebum and turn into our skin’s worst foe by turning it into oil spill. Oily Skin makes it presence known loud and clear which often affects your confidence. However, with the right skincare you can tackle most of the problems of oily skin very easily. But do not make the mistake of rushing to your closest departmental store and pick a cleanser to wash your delicate skin. To get the best results from your cleanser to need to look deeper than pretty packaging and marketing strategies, you need to look into the ingredients list of the cleansers. We have listed the friendly ingredients that should be in your best handmade facial cleanser for oily skin to give you skin the love it deserves. 

 Friendly Ingredients 

  • Activated Charcoal – activated charcoal is quite different from the charcoal you use in your BBQ. Charcoal is treated with heat to expand in size and become even more porous to form the much coveted activated charcoal. So, even the tiniest activated charcoal particles are extremely porous and highly absorbing which makes it capable of trapping a multitude of toxins and chemical. When charcoal is used it a cleanser it has the capacity to transform your skin completely over regular use. The dirt and grime build up from the entire day is sucked out of your pores with the power of the charcoals adsorptive nature. The superficial dead cell layer is also gently exfoliated away with the regular use of the tiny charcoal particle there by giving your skin a deep clean. 
  • Honey – honey has been one of the most revered ingredients in the beauty industry for centuries now and for good reason. It is often used in good cleansers for it incredible pore cleansing and gentle exfoliating properties. The antimicrobial property makes it ideal to fight away pimples which most oily skinned people struggle with. Most cleansers meant for oily skin is so harsh that they strips off all the oil from your skin leaving it lackluster and flaky. But if your cleanser is infused with honey then it will not only moisturize your skin but also soothe any irritations as well. 
  • Aloe Veda – when you use harsh chemical laden cleanser clean your oily skin, your skin goes out of balance your skin is ripped of its healthy oils leaving it dull and dry. As a move to counter the dryness, your skin produces more oils turning you into a grease ball. But when you use handmade foaming facial cleanser with aloe in it, your skin is cleansed and given a moisture boost at the same time. The healing properties of aloe will also help you to get rid of pimples.

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